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7 Days A Week| Customized Lifestyle Assistance & Planning
Servants 4 Seniors now offers an on-demand customized lifestyle management and planning service for seniors and their families in need of expertise immediately mapping out a plan of action when a loved one is in crisis and desiring to stay home. Our highly personalized VIP Concierge Service is especially for families ready to take action to stabilize their senior loved ones. 
We use a one-on-one consultative approach to quickly assess the loved one's care needs and coordination of services required to keep the senior happily stable and their families enabled to continue to live their lives without interruption.
We offer an array of services including but not limited to:
  • Case Managment

  • Personal care

  • Travel Companion

  • Housekeeping

  • Meal preparation/diet monitoring

  • Medicine consumption reminders

  • Medical appointment and alignment coordination

  • Grocery shopping

  • Errands and transportation

  • Household management

  • Home organization

  • Bill payment set-up/submission

  • Social activities planning and reservations

  • Correspondence assistance

  • Pet care assistance

Hover over the images to learn more.  Contact us for a customized plan of action for you or your senior loved one at 410.977.2576.

Try out our mobile physician partners for convenience and quality care as your senior loved one transition to a new lifestyle.

Mobile Physician
Pharmacy Services

 We are partnered with some of the most responsive, reliable and readily available pharmacies in Maryland.  Coordination of these services is included in the VIP Concierge Service.

Budget & Estate Planning

Get ahead of the curve by hiring us to help you understand and plan for the hidden expenses, and cost resulting from a health crisis.  Servants 4 Seniors helps you strategize a plan for action that leaves you with peace of mind..

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Take advantage of our VIP transportation services.  We transport our VIP clients wherever they need to go to maintain a healthy lifestyle: to and from appointments, social and wellness activities, shopping outings, errand runs and anywhere the family requests to maintain the senior loved one's quality of life.

Social Activities

Your concierge will help you coordinate and attend the kind of social activities that keep seniors vibrant and engaged.

Grocery Shopping & Errands

Sometimes a little extra help getting our senior loved ones out and about running their own errands the way they like is what's need to give the senior and their caretaking family member peace of mind. Consider adding this essential lifestyle support service to your VIP Concierge mix.

7 Days A Week| Customized Lifestyle Assistance & Planning

VIPConcierge Service 

Seniors are the true VIPs!  Our VIP Concierge Service helps keep our seniors loved ones home with peace of mind. We bring needed services directly to our seniors.  Most importantly, we treat our seniors like they are beloved members of our own family.
Explore our most popular service offerings below.  Services can be purchased a la carte or by custom packaging for our VIPs. Call us today for a price quote: 410.977.2576.


We provide full case management from assessing lifestyle needs to healthcare management needs and providing a roadmap for action.

Family Visit


Sometimes one-on-one engagement is all a senior needs a few hours a day to keep from feeling lonely and to be vibrantly present.  Our personal care service fulfills this essential need.

Senior Woman and Grandchild.jpg


Never miss a medical appointment or prescription with our medicine reminder and health care appointment coordination service.

In Good Hands


We want our senior loved ones to be and remain healthy.  The key to good health is having access to good foods and meals.  Let us help with your dietary plans, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.

Roasted Chicken


Our main goal is to ensure our senior love ones live a vibrant, present, memorable life every day.  We are here to help you plan and attend fun-filled social activities that leave you feeling rejuvenated, appreciated and reminded of who you are.

Senior Dance


Keep your home organized as you focus on what matters most in your golden years: enjoying every moment.  Let's us help.  It's more affordable than you think.

Woman Cleaning Furniture


Need to get to appointments or run errands? Our transportation services provide you with scheduled convenience to get you to where you need to be on time.

Nurse Helping Senior Man Exit A Van.jpg


It's hard to have peace of mind when you have to worry about who will care for your animal companions when you are facing a crisis. Our pet care service addresses this problem. Your pets need not be neglected.



Our veterans our among our nation's greatest assets.  We believe they should always be treated as VIPS.  S4S offers special services for our US Veterans to include help with understanding and coordination of VA benefits.


Veteran's Saluting.jpg


Application Completion, Cannibis Education & Dispensary Transport Services 











Relax. Enjoy. Stay at home. We will do the work for you.  Help is just a phone call away!  Call us now 410-977-2576.

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