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About Us

Servants 4 Seniors (S4S) is a leading eldercare service organization in the state of Maryland.  We are experts in helping seniors and their families navigate the daunting challenges seniors often encounter during a health care crisis.  S4S removes the obstacle to restoring peace of mind during such crises by identifying and implementing solutions that return the seniors and their loved ones back to stability with their dignity and quality care plan intact. 


Our mission is to provide prompt quality referral services and placement to all of your Loved Ones no matter what their ethnic origin, religious affiliation or economic status.  Our service will be provided to adverse economic background recipients from the government subsidized to the private paying Loved One.  We will not turn anyone away.


We are here to serve our elders as we help to elevate the quality of care in the senior community.

The People of Servants 4 Seniors

Marion Matthews
The Team
Nakia Thomas

Accounting Manager

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